Monday, 30 April 2012

But, she's so beautiful...

I watched one of those '40 Craziest Celebrity Divorces' kind of programmes on Really last night (I know, I can't help it), and the thing that makes me laugh is the way the 'talking head' people are like 'how could you cheat on her, she's so beautiful'. For instance, some guy (I forget his name) was married to Halle Berry, and apparently he cheated on her, and they were just completely unable to compute that this guy cheated on Halle Berry, Halle Fucking Berry for fucks sake! Because she's so gorgeous...
I'm not arguing that Halle Berry is attractive, but maybe she's not a particularly nice person, or maybe she spends so much time at the gym that she's too tired for sex, or maybe she doesn't want to accommodate this blokes kinks, or whatever.... Don't get me wrong I'm not saying that these are justifications for infidelity, because they aren't, but you can't just say 'Halle Berry is gorgeous why would anyone cheat on her', it's a fucking stupid statement.
I mean, this guy lives with her every day, he's not going to be in awe of her every time he sees her naked, it will become 'normal', it has to. He's seen her drunk, or with a cold, or whatever...
Beauty is far too easily confused with sexiness these days, most Hollywood beauties have as much sex appeal as a broken twig as far as I'm concerned, and the chances are that even the most 'normal' of them are probably neurotic to some extent, they don't live a normal life so how can you really expect them to be 'normal'.
A relatively 'plain' looking woman can still be smoking hot, if she's confident and you have the right chemistry together, on the other hand if you don't have the right chemistry then it doesn't matter how good looking you are, looks aren't gonna last you a lifetime.
Besides, would you rather be dating Halle Berry or say, Sasha Grey?

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