Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Everyone's on a fucking journey...

Enough already. Everyone's on a fucking 'journey'. Be it weight loss, a quest for fame via some lame ass talent show, a quest for anything really.... it's all punctuated with endless references to the 'journey' and I for one am sick of it. Of course the TV love all this shit. No one can just want to be famous, or rich, or want to fuck lots of hot chicks/dudes, you can't even get on a TV show these days unless you have a harrowing back story.
Case in point, we've just started watching series eight of the Biggest Loser, and there is a contestant on there who's mother died a heroin addict, so she's on a 'journey' to overcome this (fine, okay... no quibble with you, I have no idea what shit this poor girl's been through and I'm not belittling it in the slightest) I bet she thought she was on safe ground with that one, but no, she's beaten down into second place by our biggest 'journeyist', the woman who's entire family was wiped out by a speeding driver.
Now that's a fucking journey!!!
Look, I know I sound like a heartless bastard, but believe me I feel for her. But the way the TV portrays it all, constantly flashing back to her heart wrenching story 'reveal' (with instant 'sad' music overlay) you can't help but roll your eyes after the third or fourth time. Not least because no matter what this woman does (and now she's injured so she's gonna be in even greater danger of being up for elimination) no-one can vote her off for fear of vilification from the viewing public.
That poor woman's injured, she only lost a pound and YOU voted for her to go home.... AFTER ALL SHE'S BEEN THROUGH!!!! How do you sleep at night you evil piece of shit?
The thing is, this over-egging the pudding just works against them in the end, at least in my mind...
Last week they were competing to win phone calls from home and I couldn't help but think... well, not such a big deal for her... is it?