Saturday, 30 June 2012


I saw in a local paper the other day that a guy had been jailed for a couple of months for drowning his dog in a bath of water because it failed to bite a burglar. It also said the guy had previously been jailed twice before for violence, including one incident where he assaulted a fifteen yr old (so badly he had to have his face rebuilt with metal plates).
This worthless piece of shit will kill someone one day, mark my words. What the fuck is wrong with society that he is allowed his freedom after a matter of weeks?
A friend of mine has moved to Australia and started working voluntarily at an animal shelter, she said there's a kitten there that had it's ears cut off... that makes me so fucking angry. How could anyone do that to a kitten? I saw a little kid once throw something at one of my cats and I wanted to batter the little cunt.
I actually chased him down the street, but fortunately I didn't do anything more than give him a piece of my mind.
The older I get the more I really can't be doing with people. I know these scum are the minority and there are a lot of good people out there, but I just can't be bothered with most of them.
Sometimes I can really see where Slipknot are coming from with a song like 'People=Shit'.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Bulging brides my arse...

Mistress R and I are somewhat obsessed with 'Biggest Loser USA', series seven of which is currently being shown here in the afternoons on a channel called Pick TV. We watch it every single day without fail, we're just hoping that when it finishes we get season eight!
 When the channel 'Really' started, we were treated to the truly epic 'Tool Academy USA' so we were pissed when Really tailed off and just became a 24/7 mishmash of Border Control/Police Camera Bollocks, with only Cheaters (and that's weak!) in it's place. 
So we were really rather chuffed when a new series came on a couple of weeks ago right before 'Biggest Loser', called 'Bridalplasty'... oh yes, now there was epic car crash reality TV that could maybe even play in the big leagues with the likes of Brett Michaels' 'Rock of Love'. Sadly, it was over all too soon... and the memory of a dozen women competing to have their noses splinted, boobs enhanced and chins and arms liposuctioned (not to mention getting the wedding of their dreams) is already fading, so we were excited to see a new show had replaced 'Bridalplasty' called 'Bulging Brides'.
Unfortunately, BB's does not live up to the name. I was expecting a house full of hateful, roly-poly fridge bothers, calling each other 'be-atch' and maybe even throwing each other in a pool. But no, there's none of that, the first bride was under 140lbs... what the fuck! That's not bulging.... that's like the skinniest person you know moaning that they have a fat arse, just fuck off!
Consider that a point against you Pick TV, get your finger out, this is just shit. Why not plunder the Charm School series or give us the first series of Tool Academy that Really omitted to broadcast. And while you're at it make sure you've got the next series of Biggest Loser ready to go, I know there's about another five (plus the five before you started showing them!).
Totally stoked to see Tara kicking Sione's ass in the car pulling challenge after they all ganged up on her to handicap her with extra weight. Awesome job!