Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Fucking Facebook...

Apparently Facebook went down last week for half an hour, which led to some absolute morons ringing 911 and to some Los Angeles police dept to post a message on Twitter telling people not to ring them because it was nothing to do with them.
Yes, loss of internet is frustrating, but it really isn't the end of the world, get a fucking grip. It might be an idea for some of these pricks to be prosecuted for wasting police time and held up as an example to other idiots.
Amazon are trying to lure me onto Facebook with promises of vouchers, but they can fuck right off. What I really don't like about all this is that they want to link everything up, often without asking, potentially exposing parts of your life you'd rather keep private. I know this was the reason why Harry moved his blog away from Google, because he didn't want his daughter to find his blog through a connection to his email address.
I can well imagine me having to do the same at some point, as much as I really don't want to.
Technology's great but it can really get you in trouble. I remember having something on a memory stick which I needed to transfer onto my bosses laptop... But his laptop was set up to transfer everything from any memory stick to the desktop without asking, which caused me some rather frantic moments of panic as I tried to stop all manner of NSFW material being transferred!
It pisses me off the number of sites that want you to log in with your Facebook account to be able to post comments as well. At least Google don't ask you to do that on my blog...yet.
I can see that eventually we will all end up desperately trying to keep our private lives private, and failing probably. Which is a shame really. While I suppose anonymity isn't always a positive thing on the internet, I'd rather my mother didn't get to read about me getting fucked in the ass by Mistress R.
So yeah, anyway...fuck Facebook.