Friday, 2 December 2011

Price fixing in the 'air' industry....

Recently I have noticed that the price of air has gone up. Not only has it gone up, it's absolutely rocketed. Seriously, next to air the price of oil has barely even moved! I pulled up in my local garage to pump up the tyres on my car and went to put my 20p in the slot only to find that, actually it's gone up to 50p. A measly 150% increase.
Fuck that, I thought, I'm not paying 50 fucking pence for air. So I continued my journey and came to a garage where I knew they had free air. Not any more. Suddenly not only had they started charging for air, but they too were charging 50p. Several other garages were visited on my travels, but they had all seemingly overnight started charging fifty pence for air.
Now, it seems to me that if all the petrol companies suddenly put their prices up 150% there would be all sorts of recriminations and accusations of price fixing. So why not with air? I accept that maybe they have to put it up now and again, and if it had gone up to 30p then no big deal, but 50p is just profiteering in my eyes.

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