Thursday, 1 December 2011


No this rant isn't about coffee, I don't even drink the stuff. Nor is it about the evils of big brand coffee houses closing down local business, or the fact that Starbucks probably tastes nothing like 'real' coffee. I have no idea, McDonalds tastes fuck all like beef but a lot of people seem to like it (I had a McBurger once when I was about 15, never bothered again, disgusting. The fries are okay when you eat them but they leave a disgusting taste in your mouth for the rest of the day).
No, this morning on the news Starbucks announced that they would be creating 5000 new jobs in the UK by opening 300 new stores over the next five years. I'm not knocking that in itself, good on them, if I was out of work I would whore myself to Starbucks in a heartbeat, but what amazes and astonishes me is that in the worst financial crisis in decades, Starbucks have the potential to grow their business to such an extent.
I thought people's disposable income was in terminal decline? So why are people giving what little money they have to Starbucks when they could save a fortune by purchasing a mug, some milk and a jar of coffee. Sure it probably doesn't taste like Starbucks (and that's probably a good thing) but so what? You'll get used to it and save yourself a fortune.
And another thing, don't spend £4 a day on sandwiches, buy a loaf of bread, some meat (or whatever) and a lettuce. Don't tell me we are in a financial black hole, I won't believe it until people actually stop spending money on this crap.

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